Images by Kevin Simmonds
Images by Kevin Simmonds
Little Tern Project
Little Tern Project

Our goals

  • Increase numbers of little terns across the Project sites through enhanced management of existing breeding sites and restoration and creation of new or recently abandoned sites.


  • Protection of little terns and their nests and eggs from threats such as disturbance and predators.


  • Improve the understanding of little tern numbers and movements by undertaking a colour ringing programme to inform long-term conservation strategies.


  • Monitoring using standardised recording across sites to measure the success of the breeding attempts and feed this back to help inform each successive annual summer work programme.


  • Local communities and other interested parties will learn about the struggles of this scarce seabird, helping to raise support for the work at the UK sites.


  • Build up our knowledge and best practice case studies by increased networking with other relevant projects in the UK, Europe and North America.


  • Work with statutory agencies and local authorities to find ways to support little tern conservation and extend the protection measures when appropriate.


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Little Tern Recovery Project is generously supported by the EU LIFE+ Nature Programme