Images by Kevin Simmonds
Images by Kevin Simmonds
Little Tern Project
Little Tern Project

Report your colour ring re-sighting



IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Re-sightings are important but the birds welfare comes first.  All little terns are afforded special legal protection under schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and it is illegal to disturb them during breeding, and for the purposes of photography, without a formal Licence.


For those experienced birdwatchers who are familiar with re-sighting colour bird rings please report your sightings in the usual way.


There are various little tern colour ringing schemes around the British Isles as follows:


  • Yellow colour rings with a three digit code in black writing include the EU LIFE Project sites around England and Wales and the Isle of Man colony.

  • Green colour rings with a three digit code in white writing on the right or left tarsus are used at the Irish east coast colonies.

  • Blue colour rings with a two digit code in white writing are used at the Teesside colonies.


    There are also a variety of single colour bands from UK colonies that were used until the alpha-numeric ringing took over in the last few years.

    If you see any colour rings on little terns please report them through  Please provide full details: noting the colour of the ring, any code, which leg the ring was on, where you saw it (place name/grid reference) and when you saw it (date/time).

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