Images by Kevin Simmonds
Images by Kevin Simmonds
Little Tern Project
Little Tern Project

How you can help when visiting

  • Look out for fenced or roped off areas on the beach and please keep your distance from these refuge areas.
  • Please keep your dogs under close control, preferably on a short lead.

  • Keep an eye out for signs.These will show you the best routes to help leave the wildlife undisturbed.

  • If you see a little tern trying to nest, don’t approach!Let a warden know where it is so we can help protect it.

  • Take care when walking on the shingle: there may be nests with camouflaged eggs. If you see one, keep well away and contact a warden so we can protect it.

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Little Tern Recovery Project is generously supported by the EU LIFE+ Nature Programme