Images by Kevin Simmonds
Images by Kevin Simmonds
Little Tern Project
Little Tern Project

Welcome to the Little Tern Project

Our Work

The Project is a partnership approach at over 20 sites across England and Wales, for which funding has been obtained from EU LIFE+ Nature. The funding enables us to step up our actions and work at a national level for the recovery of little terns in the UK. The Project takes place in 15 of the Special Protection Areas under the Natura 2000 network of European designated sites that have a special importance for nature. Read more ....

How to see little terns


Little terns nest on sand or shingle coasts or islands.  They are sensitive to disturbance so it is best to see them at colonies which are set up to allow public viewing.  See our Visit page ......



We welcome volunteers to get involved with a variety of tasks such as talking to visitors and monitoring little terns nesting.  You can also help with practical tasks like fencing of nesting areas or designing chick shelters.  Find out more ....



Little terns are one of our rarest seabirds and in decline in the UK.  You can help us protect these delightful chattering seabirds and ensure that they remain a summer inhabitant along our shores.  Find out more about donating and sponsorship .... 

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Little Tern Recovery Project is generously supported by the EU LIFE+ Nature Programme